As a support and extension of the family unit, Summit Classical Christian School considers the family to be of first importance to a child. God, through His Word, the Bible, indicates that the family is the most important human institution He designed since He compares it to the relationship believers have with Christ and the Father. Therefore, at Summit we are continually seeking ways to actively involve the parents, siblings, and grandparents of our students in the programs of the school.

Icon_Summit_ReferralsReferral program.

Attracting new students and families to Summit is necessary to maintain a healthy and vibrant school environment and we believe that our existing families are our best recruiters!

Learn more about referrals.

Icon_Summit_ParentOrgParent volunteer organization.

The Parent Volunteer Organization (PVO) is the fellowship of Summit parents working together to promote the ideals of the school, to encourage fellowship among families, and to support the various needs of the teachers and classes.

Learn more about volunteering at Summit.

Icon_Summit_UniformUniform policy.

Summit uniform policy is routinely reviewed to ensure it fosters and encourages a productive learning environment.

Learn about the Summit uniform policy.

Icon_Summit_WeatherInclement weather policy.

Weather conditions change quickly in the PNW, so it’s important to know what Summit’s inclement weather policy and procedures are.

Know what to do during inclement weather.

Icon_Summit_VisitingVisiting Summit.

The best way to learn more about a school is to visit – meet the teachers, sit in on some classes, and observe the students. The culture of the school becomes apparent just by spending time in the hallways and classrooms.

Learn how to get connected and visit Summit.

Icon_Summit_DonateDonations and financial support programs.

See how families can offset some of their tuition and fees with financial programs.

Know all the ways you can support the school.

Icon_Summit_SchoolSuppliesSchool supplies.

Each grade level has varying requirements for school supplies.

Learn what is needed for your students.

Icon_Summit_HomeworkPolicyHomework policy.

Summit believes that learning should largely take place in the context of a redemptive relationship between student and teacher. However certain exceptions apply.

Be familiar with Summit’s homework policy.

Parent student handbook.

Summit encourages all parents to read and be familiar with the Summit Parent Student Handbook.

View the Summit Parent Student Handbook.