Homework Policy

It is a conviction at Summit that, especially at the Grammar level, learning should take place largely in the context of a redemptive relationship between student and teacher. For example, computers can be excellent tools for research, etc., but should never be used as a substitute for the teacher. That means that schoolwork should, for the most part, be done at school.

While there may be the occasional need to take schoolwork home for practice, review or completion, this should not be the norm. Reasons are as follows:


There is an ever expanding body of data contending that excessive homework is not only counterproductive to the learning process, but also destructive to the child’s natural desire to learn and discover.

Icon_Summit_HomeworkPolicyThe learning language of a Grammar school student is a four-letter word; PLAY. Not only is play a principle means by which students learn, but is also fundamentally important to the child’s well- being as they grow and develop. Summit believes it is important that students go home after school and play; with their families, with their friends in the neighborhood, with their dog, etc.

Given the above, there are times when homework may be necessary.
Below are the primary reasons or causes for homework being assigned:


Students often need some amount of extra practice in specific or new concepts, skills, or facts. In certain subjects (e.g., math or languages), regular practice at home may be necessary for mastery. Therefore, after reasonable in-class time is spent on the material, the teacher may assign homework to allow for the necessary practice. When it is necessary and appropriate homework should seldom exceed 30-40 minutes per night.

Icon_Summit_CheckMarkRepeated, short periods of practice or study of new information is often a better way to learn than one long period of study.

Icon_Summit_CheckMarkSince Summit recognizes that parental involvement is critical to a child’s education, homework can be used as an opportunity for parents to actively assist their child in his studies. This will also keep the parents informed as to the current topics of study in the class.

Homework may also be assigned to students who, having been given adequate time to complete an assignment in class, did not wisely use their time. The homework, in this situation serves as a means to make up for misappropriated use of class time.

Since homework, by its nature, takes time at home, it is not to be assigned due to the teacher’s poor planning or in place of an assignment that could have been completed in school. The student’s time at home is to be encroached upon for only the best of purposes.