Summit Classical Christian School assists faithful parents in educating their children to the glory of God through a curriculum rooted in a God-centered view of life. Education at Summit is inherently unique in philosophy and in the science of teaching.

As we seek to offer an education that is both rich and challenging for all students in light of each student’s God-gifted academic abilities, we employ different methods to realize the extraordinary results that God has appointed for our children. It is through classical and time-tested methods, that Summit intends to provide a sound and superior academic education, integrated with a Christian view of God and the world based on the authoritative and inerrant Word of God.

Kindergarten 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade 6th Grade
BIBLE Intro to Bible; Bible, Catechism Memory Summary of OT & NT; Bible Memory Genesis; Bible Memory Egypt to Promise Land; Bible Memory Judges & Prophets; Bible Memory The Life of Jesus; Bible Memory The Church; Bible Memory
SPELLING Phonograms Phonograms & Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding Spalding
GRAMMAR Penmanship Shurley Level 1 & Penmanship Shurley Level 2 & Penmanship Shurley Level 3 & Penmanship Shurley Level 4 & Penmanship Shurley Level 5 & Penmanship Shurley Level 6 & Penmanship
MATH Saxon 1 Saxon 2 Saxon 3 Saxon 54 Saxon Intermediate 5 Saxon Intermediate 6 Saxon Intermediate 7
SCIENCE n/a Land Animals Water Animals Flying Animals Botany Astronomy Human Anatomy
HISTORY Community Affairs Colonial Times-American Revolution U.S. Constitution-Western Expansion Ancient Civilizations Medieval Times Renaissance Modern History
LATIN n/a n/a daily lessons
Song School Latin, Book 1
Latin for Children        Book 1 Latin for Children (book 1-2) Latin for Children (book 2-3) Latin for Children (book 3)
MUSIC Rhythm; Mozart Rhythm; Bach, Beethoven,  Stravinsky Rhythm; Vivaldi, Brahms, Tchaikovsky Glockenspiel; Handel, Sousa,  Chopin, Strauss Glockenspiel; Gershwin, Verdi, Rossini, Operas Choir &        Music History Choir &        Music History
ART Intro to Art Techniques Techniques & Imitation (level 1) Techniques & Imitation (level 2) Techniques & Imitation (level 3) Techniques & Imitation (level 4) Painting Sculpture
PE  Functional Fitness (once a week)  Functional Fitness (twice a week)  Functional Fitness (twice a week)  Functional Fitness (twice a week)  Functional Fitness (twice a week)  Functional Fitness (twice a week)  Functional Fitness (twice a week)