Headmaster Blog for September 10, 2014: Music Education at Summit

Music Education at Summit

For some time it has been my dream that our school would be a place where the fine arts flourish. If I had my way, we would introduce a full-blown program across all the artistic disciplines right now, “etc., etc., etc.” (as Yul Brynner famously said in The King and I). Problem: we don’t have all the resources of the King of Siam. Therefore, as it pertains to the arts at Summit, we get to make haste slowly.

So, I make haste to present you with an opportunity to expand music education at Summit. I am happy to introduce Ethan Bowe as the newest member of the Summit faculty.  Ethan is a graduate of Northwest University with a Degree in Music, and is the worship pastor at I90 Church. Beginning September 16, Ethan will:

  1. Join the Summit student body every morning at 8:30 to lead-and-teach musical worship during our assemblies.
  2. Bring an instructional component in which music theory, understanding of notation, singing in parts, etc. is introduced.
  3. Introduce choral performance in our weekly chapel time.
  4. Oversee and direct the first annual Summit Christmas Cantata, which will form the backbone of our Christmas program.

Please take the opportunity to welcome Ethan as you see him on campus, and don’t forget to lift Ethan—and the rest of the Summit faculty up in prayer as they teach our children.

God bless you all,
Dr. Timothy Orton
Summit Classical Christian School

Headmaster Blog for September 10, 2014: Music Education at Summit