Headmaster Blog for May 15, 2014

Greetings Summit Family!

Items for Action:

  • The Summit Annual Benefit was a HUGE success! Our net total raised last Friday night was $61,000.00 (and counting). Thanks to all who worked so hard in this effort and thanks to all of you who shared and participated in the evening!
  • There will be a 6th grade graduation ceremony Thursday, 5/22, 6:30-8:00PM, and everyone is welcome!
  • Be on the lookout for information about Summer School offerings at Summit.
  • There will be school supply items available at discounted rates in the Summit office during the last week of school.


Ideas for Reflection: Transitions

Transition and change is a necessary part of any healthy organization, and Summit Classical Christian School is no exception. Laura Welling has served Summit faithfully as instructor in both fourth and sixth grades. After eight years in the classroom Laura is ready for a much-deserved rest. She will be leaving Summit at the end of this year. Laura will be missed by students, faculty and administration alike, and it is our sincere prayer that Laura will be blessed in this next chapter of her life. God bless you Laura!

Enter Amber Clinton, who has done an amazing job this year as our afternoon Kindergarten teacher.  As events have transpired in Laura’s life, a conversation began with Amber about whether she would be interested in moving to sixth grade. Her response to me was, “If I wasn’t teaching Kindergarten, I would want to teach sixth grade!” After discussing with her husband, Scott, and a time of prayer, Amber has agreed to become our next sixth grade teacher—and everyone here is very excited about it!

Amber has brought a godly competence to the fabric of our faculty at Summit; she does her homework thoroughly, and she teaches her class with excellence. Amber’s contribution as a team player is complemented by her infectious sense of humor, and she brings a depth of maturity that is seasoned by years of working with children in ministry. Amber’s love for our students is very much in keeping with the evident love she has for her family (husband, Scott, and three lovely children, all students at Summit), and for her Lord, Jesus Christ. It is my deep conviction that Summit Classical Christian School will be greatly blessed as this godly and gifted teacher takes the helm of the sixth grade!

God’s timing is remarkable because we have been wrestling as a leadership team with how to best proceed with Kindergarten at Summit. The conviction has been to consolidate our Kindergarten classes into the one morning class and, in the wake of this transition, it has been decided to put that plan in place. Next year, Summit will have one morning Kindergarten class under the capable leadership of Erin Perryman.

Please continue to pray that our good God will bless this good work He is doing in our midst.

God bless you all,
Dr. Timothy Orton
Summit Classical Christian School



Headmaster Blog for May 15, 2014