Headmaster Blog for February 21, 2014: The Nuts and Bolts of [Outdoor] Recess Success

The Nuts and Bolts of [Outdoor] Recess Success

In the last Newsletter, I talked about why recess is important for Grammar Schools students. In this issue I would like to talk about what we need to do and provide to facilitate a healthy recess environment, especially in our current circumstances.

Early this week a member of the VCA leadership team graciously asked me if Summit students would refrain from using the playground and soccer field during this rainy season; eighty-some pairs of little feet have turned it into a mud pit, and those same little feet track the mud into the facilities. The church has cordoned off the back third of the parking lot which will become our interim play ground until things dry up later in the spring. Of course, we want to turn the back third of the parking lot into a genuine play area which means we need to fortify it with appropriate play equipment.

Summit is forming a recess task force headed by Sarah Etters, and they have a plan for transforming our parking lot into a great playground for our students. To do so they need equipment, including the following:

  1. Three portable basketball hoops.
  2. No fewer than six basketballs.
  3. Two tetherballs (we have the poles)
  4. Six foursquare balls with pavement marking.
  5. Ten individual jump ropes and several longer jump ropes for multiple jumping.
  6. Hula Hoops.
  7. A good supply of pavement crayons.
  8. A good, serviceable wheeled crate to store balls and equipment.
  9. The task force is open to other suggestions.


At this point in my note I hope you’re asking, “How can I/we help?” Glad you asked. There are two ways:

  1. If you have good, serviceable examples of items above which you would like to donate to the cause, we would love to put them to work (please, no hopelessly deflated balls or other unusable equipment).
  2. If you would like to make a donation to the school for the purchase of this equipment, we would be delighted to receive it. Please make your check payable to Summit Classical Christian School, place in a small envelope marked “Playground,” and place in tuition box outside Dr. Orton’s office.


In addition, I would encourage you to contact Sarah Etters (sarahetters@hotmail.com), if you are interested in being more involved in orchestrating a great play environment for our children. We still need parent-volunteers who can help make recess a success.

God bless you all,
Dr. Timothy Orton
Summit Classical Christian School

Headmaster Blog for February 21, 2014: The Nuts and Bolts of [Outdoor] Recess Success