Headmaster Blog for November 16, 2013: Introducing Dave and Meghan Staat!

Introducing Dave and Meghan Staat!

One of the great privileges I have as Headmaster at Summit is to work with an awesome faculty; a group of talented people who are in the process of raising the bar on what it means to be an educator. This, of course, poses a problem when you are looking for new faculty, especially after the school year has begun. The kind of faculty Summit is looking for are few and far between—but not non-existent!

Enter Meghan Staat. Through an interesting chain of events Meghan’s path crossed that of Summit’s and she became a candidate for the Fourth Grade faculty position at Summit. Last Thursday evening Meghan passed the final of a series of interviews and was invited by the board of directors to join the faculty at Summit. The perfect ending: Meghan said “Yes!”

Meghan received both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in education from Northwest University and has taught in a number of venues. Meghan’s husband, Dave, has a career in Law Enforcement. Meghan will be beginning her responsibilities at Summit on November 21, and we are thrilled that the Staats will be joining the Summit family.

Please lift up the Staats’ transition to the Lord in prayer; they will be moving from Mt. Vernon. I look forward to introducing them to you in person. Pray also for our community of Fourth Grade students who have weathered the challenge of not having “their teacher” with remarkable composure and grace. Pray that this new relationship with Mrs. Staat will be redemptive in every sense of the word. The Fourth Graders are among my 84 “grandchildren” at Summit and I am very proud of them. I and the board believe that God has made good provision for these students in bringing us Meghan Staat, and I praise Him.

God bless you all,
Dr. Timothy Orton
Summit Classical Christian School

Headmaster Blog for November 16, 2013: Introducing Dave and Meghan Staat!