Headmaster Blog for April 12, 2013

Welcome Jeff and Beth Newcomer!

I’m very happy to introduce to you Jeff Newcomer. You may have seen Jeff on campus from time-to-time as he has served as a substitute teacher at Summit this year. Jeff’s work with the faculty and students has been exemplary from day one and, as a consequence, we have invited Jeff to join the Summit faculty as our fourth grade teacher beginning in the fall of 2013. His nomination was recently confirmed by the Summit board.

Jeff brings a wealth of education and experience to the Summit team. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise and Sport Science, a Master of Arts degree in Teaching and Physical Education, and a Master of Ministry degree. Jeff was a grammar school educator for seven years before he joined the faculty at Mount Si High School in the athletic department. Jeff has served as a Youth Pastor and both he and his wife Beth are actively involved at I-90 Church in Preston.

I have said this before and will say it again: Summit is not a place so much as it is a fabric of relationships. These are relationships that have a redemptive end; that we are drawn closer to Jesus for our being in this relationship, and that we are drawn closer to each other. We want this proximity to Christ and to others for ourselves and we want it for our children. Of course, the importance of our faculty in this fabric of relationships cannot be overstated. Our teachers are the very synapse through which this [Classical] curriculum for life flows to our children to the end that they might rightly know the wonders of creation—and know it’s wonderful Creator.

Summit is blessed with an outstanding faculty, the integrity and substance of which will excel all the more for Jeff Newcomer joining it. If and when you have the opportunity I encourage you to welcome Jeff and Beth to this wonderful family called Summit Classical Christian School.

So important is our faculty that Summit sets apart an entire week at the end of every school year to express our gratitude to them for all their efforts. We call it Teacher Appreciation Week, April 22–26. This is a great opportunity for all of us to say “Thank You” to these special people who have invested so much in the lives of our children. So, I say, carpe your appreciation to these dear folk.

Heads-up for the coming week:

  • Parents of 3rd graders, please do not schedule outside appointments for your children from April 30–May 3 due to the students’ testing schedule.
  • Parents, please submit your re-enrollment contracts ASAP. Deposits and emergency forms are due the end of April.
  • Please remember to bring your empty printer cartridges to school. They can be given to teachers, or can be placed directly into the Cartridge World box in the library. This earns money for our school.
  • By all indications the Summit student body will grow by half-again as much next school year. Please continue to PRAY for our school: 1. That our good God will bless us; 2. That God will give the board and administration wisdom and discernment as we wrestle with decisions about facilities and staffing!
Headmaster Blog for April 12, 2013